Pulse HR

Pulse HR is an advanced health and fitness tracker that lets users effortlessly keep track of their daily activity and delivers information on heart rate, sleep stages and more. Daily activities such as walking, swimming, and running are automatically recorded. Pulse HR features a long-lasting rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 days, making it perfect to become the daily partner of your users. Worn at night, the tracker also provides sleep tracking with a Sleep score, light & deep sleep plus overnight heart rate.

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  • Heart rate zone
  • Number of steps
  • Active minutes
  • Distance (km, miles)
  • Elevation (with connected GPS)
  • Sleep cycles: deep, light
  • Sleep quality: duration, regularity, interruption
  • Lost calories
88% Percentage of Withings Activity trackers still being used after one year Internal study on Withings database

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