We take the burden off your care teams.

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We take the burden off your care teams.

Every healthcare provider has been through the pain of technical integrations that take far more time and money than planned. We understand the challenges, and we know that everyone has different needs and processes. This is why we offer carefully designed data connection solutions for devices and RPM, tailored to your specific needs.

Data Integration

Connecting with Withings Health Solutions.

Measurement data is collected from the device
Data is transferred via your selected data connection...
...into the Wellness or Medical Cloud
Access health and wellness data from your interface of choice

Four options for seamless data connection. See which one is right for you:

Withings Health Mate

Integration is simple with this option. Use our public API to connect to the free Withings Health Mate app. Data is stored in the Wellness Cloud, which is not HIPAA compliant.
Best for: Customers with less than 5,000 participants.

Withings Mobile SDK

If you have your own app, our team can create a custom integration for an additional fee. The end user simply logs in to their existing app which synchronizes with the Withings Health Mate app.
Best for: Customers that have their own app.

Cellular Pro Devices

We pre-configure devices so they are ready right out of the box - no installation required by users. An upgrade to Medical Cloud (for HIPAA compliance) is available. Standard and Enterprise plans are available based on number of users and data requests.
Best for: Companies whose participants are less comfortable with technology.

Data Hub

Data Hub solves accessibility issues with pre-configured devices that require no installation from users and securely connect retrieved data to external services. No smartphone or Wi-Fi network needed. Once Data Hub is plugged into an electrical outlet and reaches the cellular network, the setup is automatic.
Best for: Companies whose participants are less comfortable with technology.
Connect Assistant App

Connect Assistant App

If your members cannot install their cellular devices, we have a solution.

The Connect Assistant app lets you turn any Withings cellular device into a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth device. It extends your reach and provides a simple fallback option for users. No technical setup or expertise is required.

Key features
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth fallback activation
  • Tutorials for cellular device installation
  • Tutorials for reliable data collection
Simple and smart
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Works for all cellular devices
  • No technical integration needed

Technical and
Service Support.

Whether you need help creating a new integration, or a support plan to ensure that you have ready access to Withings Health Solutions team members, we are committed to helping you succeed.
    Customer Success Support You will receive dedicated support with a customer success manager assigned to your account. Plus your participants will have customer service support for general non-clinical questions. Integration Services The standard plan is free because it accesses the public API. There is a set-up fee for the enterprise plan because it taps into the expertise of our solutions engineers to create custom APIs.


Flexible shipping choices.

1. We ship directly to your participants

This option is for customers shipping more than 100 devices monthly. Products are shipped directly to program members/patients. The partner/HCP receives updates on the status of orders and shipping, and uses the API to activate the cellular devices.


With drop shipping, we can pre-assign to end users.

2. We ship to you and you distribute

Devices are shipped in bulk to the location of your choice. You then create a custom device bundle for program participants. (For example, a wellness company adds a blood glucose meter or pulse ox into a kit that contains a Withings scale or BPM.) Then, use the Withings API to activate the cellular devices.


With bulk shipping we can pre-assign to users, with the partner usually adding some configuration on their end.

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