Connected Devices

Collect and retrieve participant health data without complication.

Our easy-to-use connected devices reduce the burden placed on your care teams for support. Transfer reliable participant data and measurements into selected IT environment such as Withings RPM, other RPM solutions or your own wellness program environment.

Meet the easy-to-use, easy-to-connect devices that participants love.

The biggest difference with Withings devices: they are sleek, attractive and most of all a pleasure to use. People enjoy making them part of their lives—and that leads directly to better healthcare. Setup is simple, and the devices work right out of the box, with easy cellular connectivity. Users will be up and running in no time.


Body Pro

Reliable. Accurate. And with cellular connectivity, you’ll never miss a measurement.

Our Body Pro smart scale combines award-winning design with an effortless setup and a user-friendly interface. It works right out of the box and connects over cellular networks.

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94% Percentage of devices still being used after one year. Source: Internal study on Withings Database 2021
Blood Pressure Monitor

BPM Connect Pro

Developed with the help of cardiologists. Designed to be used right out of the box.

Best-in-class accuracy gives you reliable participant data. With cellular connectivity, you’ll have no problem getting measurements in near real time. And this blood pressure monitor is designed with long-term adoption in mind—we spent more than a decade fine tuning our devices to avoid frustrations and drive engagement.

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80% Percentage of devices still being used after one year. Source: internal study on Withings Database 2021
Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracking Mat

Sleep-lab insights from the convenience of home.

Get an in-depth look at the nighttime behavior of your participants by monitoring their sleep cycle analysis, heart rate tracking, and snore detection. Our unobtrusive tracker works out of the box and fits right under the mattress, so they don’t have to wear anything on their wrist or finger to track their sleep.

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87% Percentage of devices still being used after one year. Source: Internal study on Withings Database 2021

Collect and transfer participant data in the way that suits you best.

We have multiple options to help you make the connection between the data our devices produce and your IT solutions. So you can access participant data easily, seamlessly and securely.

Support and Integrations

Backed by a decade of innovation, we’re developing the most advanced remote monitoring solutions.

When you work with Withings Health Solutions, you partner with a pioneer who is inventing and continuously improving the future of patient monitoring. Our devices are renowned for ease of use, accuracy and durability. The advantage is simple but powerful: People enjoy using Withings devices and making them part of their lives. All products are designed by our highly experienced in-house design and manufacturing teams. For all of these reasons, we are trusted by professionals and many of the world’s leading health institutions.

We’ve been recognized for:
World’s first connected scale
World’s first analog smart watch
World’s first analog watch with embedded ECG
Innovating ways to track new biomarkers, like pulse wave velocity
Owning over 70 patent families

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