Body Pro

Body Pro is the smart scale that works for everyone from anywhere, even for populations without Wi-Fi. It works right out of the box and connects to cellular networks. Data is collected with every use, with best-in-class accuracy. The easy setup, user-friendly interface, and engaging features mean participants will keep on using it.

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  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Weight Trends


Daily weather forecast

Once the user’s location has been retrieved during installation, the scale displays the daily local weather forecast. The forecast helps participants better target their exercise and weight goals, and inspires them to step on the scale as part of a daily routine.

Tailored to your program

The Body Pro screen can be customized to feature your logo to provide an enriched experience to your users.


4x1.5V Alkaline cells (AAA), battery lifetime: up to 18 months.
94% Percentage of Withings scales still being used after one year Internal study on Withings database

Reliable cellular connectivity

With cellular connectivity – in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – you can be sure that the data you need to improve the health of your patients will be accurately collected for all populations. Continuously, securely and seamlessly, the data is transferred via your selected data connection option into our Medical Cloud, so you can access the data from your interface of choice.

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